A Special Occasion



Novella (14,000 words)
Ebook Edition (Available in epub, mobi & pdf.)
Publication date: November 10. 2015
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Regina Marshall had it all: a devoted and passionate husband, a luxurious home, a life that most people wanted. Yet there was one small part of her left unsatisfied; a sexual fantasy she’d always wanted to indulge in but never had for fear it might hurt her marriage. When she shyly revealed this dream to her doting husband, however, he insisted on making her fantasy a reality.

Clayton Marshall was fiercely in love with his wife and determined to give her anything she might desire. The trouble was, he wasn’t sure whose fantasy he was fulfilling when he arranged to have another man pleasure her while he watched. One thing was certain, the young man who entered their lives that evening was going to change everything; not only everything the knew about each other, but everything they thought they knew about themselves. (M/F/M)

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