My Brother’s Lover (Print)



Novel (90,000 words)
Print Edition
Publication date: Feb. 4, 2014
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Full Cover for My Brother's Lover

Growing up gay in a small town with no mother, Evan Savage learned the hard way to cherish his secrets above all else. Now he’s 18, not even his father can hurt him anymore. When his long-lost twin brother Brennan shows up out of nowhere looking for a new home, Evan’s world, and his very identity, comes crashing down around him all over again. Brennan treats nothing as sacred in his search for a family connection after their mother’s death.

Frustrated and reckless, anonymous sexual encounters are just the first step on a journey of self-discovery for both Evan and Brennan. The sweetness of first love with twin brothers Alek and Luka leads them find in each other things they never knew they had lost…

…and lures them all into danger. (M/M+)

Sequel: Twin Affairs

2014 Rainbow Award FInalist

Ebook Edition

Evan tiredly shuffled into the house with just enough sense left to know to try to be quiet. He’d started to fall out of practice with slipping inside late at night without being detected, not that Charlie ever went out of his way to give Evan a hard time about breaking rules. To get to his room, he had to walk past Brennan’s room first. The door to Brennan’s bedroom was mostly shut. Instead of going right by, tiptoeing around the squeaky boards, Evan pushed it open a few inches. Inside, he saw Brennan sprawled on his stomach across the big four poster bed wearing only a dark pair of low-slung boxer briefs. Instinct told Evan to indulge in enjoying the fascinatingly taboo sight of a near-naked body—whether it was a relative or not—overriding any moral responsibility to give Brennan his privacy. Evan tried to force himself to stop staring at the set of dimples denting Brennan’s lower back.

I wanna lick those. Or maybe just fit my thumbs right in there to hold him and just—

He broke the thought off right there. The dimples were right above the tight swell of what might have been the most perfect ass Evan had ever seen.

Stop looking you perv, it’s your brother. He’s your goddamned brother, and worse, he’s your twin brother. What the fuck’s wrong with you?

But it was just looking after all. He wasn’t hurting anyone by lingering and making sure Brennan was all right, or so he told himself. For some reason it hit Evan how incredibly young Brennan seemed with his face soft and peaceful with sleep. It made Evan wonder if that was how people saw him, too.

The word ‘Jailbait’ rang in his head, affecting him in a plethora of different ways. That’s not who I am, Evan thought. Or maybe he was just in denial. Most of the people in his life had no idea he was gay and he intended it to stay that way. But he couldn’t help but enjoy the way it made butterflies knock around in his stomach, remembering how it felt to have Alek call him Jailbait and treat him like someone unspeakably desirable. That wasn’t the first time he had let someone fuck around with him just because it seemed like fun at the time. It was the first time he really enjoyed it, though.


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