Of Passion and Steam (Print)

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Anthology (12 Stories, 67,000 words)
Ebook Edition (Available in epub, mobi & pdf.), Print Edition
Publication date: January 24, 2017
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Fulll Cover of Of Passion and SteamAffairs of a Curious and Sordid Nature

Herein you will discover, presented for your amusement and edification, a varied and unique assortment of tales to awaken the senses and tantalize the imagination. In your very hands, or perhaps within your pocket analytical engine, you hold twelve tales of desire and adventure, the contents of which include but are not limited to desire outside matrimonial bounds, the miracles of modern medicine, theatrical pursuits both on and off the stage, and forbidden love across lines of class and propriety!

Within the pages of this volume are heroes and villains, lovers both requited and not, all seeking their satisfaction amid the smoke and mysteries and miraculous automata of the age of Passion and Steam!

Ebook Edition

  1. Heart of Brass by KJ Kabza
    In which a young woman’s desire proves more than a match for science.
  1. The Fair, Laudanum and Passion by Madeleine Swann
    In which a frustrated housewife seeks relief at the fair.
  1. The Facts in the Case of Miss Casimir by M.E. Litman
    In which an antiquarian uncovers a most penetrating mystery.
  1. Lady Sally and the Automaton Horse by Slave Nano
    In which a creative lady teaches a valuable lesson to a callous nobleman.
  1. Live Performance at the Grand Guignol by Madeleine Swann
    In which the true drama of the play is hidden from the audience.
  1. Heat, Steam, and the Vital Machine by Alex Douglas
    In which a loyal guard faces a choice between passion and duty.
  1. The Most Perfect Sin by Slave Nano
    In which a clash of religious principles is resolved in an intimate manner.
  1. Devil’s Bargain, Devil’s Kiss by Laylah Hunter
    In which a young man finds himself indebted to a fiendish traveling salesman.
  1. A Stimulating Cure by Madeleine Swann
    In which a husband and wife find an unorthodox treatment for her malaise.
  1. Infernal Machine by Elizabeth A. Schechter
    In which the secrets of a mysterious machine are revealed in a most surprising manner.
  1. Beyond the Bedroom and Into the Night by Madeleine Swann
    In which a steep price is paid for love.
  1. Clockwork Dolls by R.W. Whitefield
    In which an infatuated artificer strives to please her patroness.


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