Stone Cold Heart



Short Story (4000 Words)
Ebook Edition (Available in epub, mobi & pdf.)
Publication date: February 23, 2012
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Jason’s got it all–good looks, nice car, his own company, staff that double as friends. When his friends persuade him to take a night out with them to enjoy himself, he never plans on risking it all to follow a stranger out into the night.

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The alcohol burns pleasantly and Tom’s muscled forearm is resting warm and heavy over my shoulder, his hand against my chest. He leans into me again, chin dropping to my shoulder as he places his mouth against my ear.

“Dude over there, back corner. Cannot take his eyes off you, man! Been staring at you since you came in.”

I glance over and then look back. I try not to stare. I can’t believe someone like that is looking at me. I know I’m not ugly, but this guy should be in those adverts where they have some impossibly pretty man looking so delicious that it takes you minutes to work out what the product is. Dark eyes above high cheekbones, a softly pouted mouth that curves into a small smirk as he notices my attention.

His hair is dark, tousled into soft spikes, making his skin look even fairer than it probably is. He’s much smaller than Tom, his body slender, but I can see the strong lines of muscle in his arms, exposed by the vest he’s wearing.


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