The Keys to Romance



Anthology (7 Stories, 90,000 words)
Ebook Edition (Available in epub, mobi & pdf.)
Publication date: February 14, 2017
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Love Stories by Julian Keys

The art of romance is that of a locksmith, carefully crafting the perfect key that will fill the unique hole in each individual’s heart, opening them to a world of intimacy that fills the imagination and speeds the pulse. A tightly closed opening unfolds itself at the touch of the right shaft. Secret feelings are locked deep within, just waiting to be released. Revealed here are some of life’s most treasured moments, crafted into stories of men and women finding themselves – and each other – in love.

In this volume, award-winning author Julian Keys gives us seven love stories where sharing is caring, truth is daring, and a one night stand might last forever. Witness the evolution of the human heart, students on the market for romance, lovers cooking up something special, and a beautiful photographer realizing his big dreams. Take up the Keys to Romance, and unlock worlds of love.

Print Edition

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1. Exchange of Heart
Looking for full value in the market of the heart.

2. Down to the Bone
The jock, the anthropologist, and the evolution of love.

3. ‘Til Dawn
If it’s to be the last night, make it the best.

4. Savory and Sweet
Competition whets the appetite of the heart.

5. Pretty as a Picture
He dreams big, but she isn’t easy.

6. Full Disclosure
Make a game of truth, and both sides might lose.

7. A Special Occasion
In fulfilling her fantasy, he discovered his own.


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