Touched by Death (Print)

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11 Stories
Print Edition
Publication date: Print edition, January 3, 2013 (Ebook edition, July 6, 2012)
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An anthology of erotic encounters with death that balances sexy and horror in a way that makes readers squirm.

Unattainable love has always been one of the favorite themes of romance. Who could be more unattainable than the dead? Here are ten erotic tales of love and loss, terror and hope, and of course desires that cannot or perhaps should not be fulfilled. Here is the “little death” alongside the big Death. Here are people dying—and killing—for love.

Touched by Death is a erotic horror collection of stories filled with the living and the dying, the dead and the ones who come back. Within you’ll find attempts at reviving lost love, new views on courting death, and evidence that obsessive vampire stalkers are not always romantic—though zombies sometimes are.

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