Wicked Fairy Tales – Anthology

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Anthology (11 stories)
Ebook Edition (Available in epub, mobi & pdf.)
Publication date: July 26, 2012
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An anthology of bedtime stories for adults!

Just what kind of happy goes into “happily ever after?” As children, it was enough that Pinocchio got to be a real boy and that Red wasn’t eaten by the wolf. As adults, we have a slightly different perspective. Being a real boy means having boy parts, and being eaten by someone big and bad doesn’t mean quite the same thing it once did.

Ever wonder what mermaids do with the swimmers they seduce? Or why a dragon might prefer a castle-guarded princess to a nice, easy field of sheep? What if your fairy godmother wasn’t circumspect in what wishes could be granted, or if that dainty little fairy had a much bigger appetite than one might guess?

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1 review for Wicked Fairy Tales – Anthology

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I collect fairy tale anthologies, from academic translations to twisted parodies. I’m enough of a completist to have wanted this anthology just for that.

    But it’s not just that. It’s funny, and sexy, and intense, and horrifying, and… well… Grimm.

    I also appreciate that it’s not all one sexual orientation. I’m bisexual and like my sexy stories all over the map. This collection – like most collections offered by the ForbiddenFiction imprint – has a whole range of combinations, obviously including lesbian, gay male, and hetero human couples, as well as some intriguing surprises I won’t get into detail here.

    Let’s just say Pinocchio’s got wood, eh?

    If you like fantasy, or folktales, or just strange reinterpretations of what “everyone knows”, if you like erotica that goes beyond the usual he-did-she-did, if you love short stories as much as I do, this anthology is for you for sure.

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